We breed high quality purebred Nubian dairy goats.  Our foundation stock came from Blissberry Dairy Goats and we thank them for helping us ‘get back into’ goats!  Our goats provide us with delicious milk and dairy products and we use excess milk for hogs, chickens, dogs and cats so that nothing goes to waste!  Our goats have some really impressive pedigrees with heavy milk throughout their lineage with ‘Top Ten’ performers dominating.  They also descend from champions in the show ring at the national level!  These goats can do it all, although we do not show our goats.

   We are ADGA Plus members, which means our goats participate in:

  • DHIR (milk testing)
  • Linear Appraisals 
  • DNA testing (on file for all of our adult goats)


  • Our entire herd is G6S normal by parentage and test.
  • We test regularly for CL, CAE & Johnes – and we remain negative for all three.

These programs help us to keep working towards improvement with our small herd and they allow you to buy with confidence.  More detailed information and pictures will be coming soon as we work to rebuild our website from the ground up.  Thank you for your patience.