We are now located on 40 gorgeous acres in Kingsley, Michigan.  We are currently focusing our efforts on infrastructure and have been working hard to prepare the land and facilities for the farming to come.  Our mid to late 1800s hip roof timber framed barn is a restoration project in process.  The fields are slowly being improved by rotational grazing 6 – 8 months of the year and judicious use of a brushhog, organic matter from the barn and green manure.  We have re-started our Purebred Nubian dairy herd with the best quality goats we could find and are currently ADGA PLUS members.  We have 2 lovely Red Poll Cows along with a RP bull and 2 RP steers grazing the land and we raise heritage breed hogs each year as part of our property improvement plan.  Freedom Ranger chickens in their mobile tractors are making good progress with lawn improvements on even years.  The strawberry and raspberry patches get bigger each year.  Please join us for this incredible journey!